Are Parents Required To Buy Special Uniforms, Pads, Or Other Gear?

There are no required purchases of gear since all types will be available to borrow from the school supplies. Yet, some parents may want to purchase certain types of gear in order to ensure their child is not having to share items and can practice on their own.

The requirements for attending class is simply to wear an official Master Booe’s Karate Kids Uniform and appropriate belt.

There are also other options. Students can wear several colors of official uniforms and multiple t-shirt styles that can be purchased at the studio and worn instead of the uniform top.

At intermediate and advanced belt levels there are gloves and headgear that can be purchased and training weapons as well. But again, I have them all at the school to be borrowed when the time comes.

You will never feel pressured to buy seasonal, tournament, advanced level, or special gear. You will simply have the choice of borrowing or buying as you see fit.