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Prices - Knoxville Martial Arts For Kids Pricing Explained

There are two main philosophies when it comes to prices for martial arts classes for kids. These two ways of thinking hold true in the Knoxville and East Tennessee area martial art studios.

1 - High Tuition And Additional Fees

The first is a goal to get the most money out of each student as possible. This is not actually a dishonest plan in general. Advertising, building costs, insurance, and the list goes on cost a lot each month. This coupled with the challenge of attracting new students, and you can see the appeal.

Yet this puts the needs and wants of the instructor and his or her business as the central focus. This or that is needed to run the school, and it takes a lot of time and effort to attract paying students, therefore upcharges, extra mandatory gear, and pressure to come more often become an inevitable outcome.

2 - Lower Tuition And Less Fees

The second goal puts your desires as the parent and the needs of the child as the student square in the center of all efforts. Instead of charging more per individual student, this philosophy aims to have more class times, more students, a more manageable 1 time per week attendance, and a much lower price as the main operating structure.

The same costs of running the business are there, but more emphasis is placed on the appeal of the instruction, facilities, and programs to attract more students. The classes are more affordable and more of them are offered to keep class sizes manageable.

This also means the owner of the school must come out of the office and not delegate much of the teaching and interacting with parents to full or part time instructors willing to work for low enough wages to make their roles feasible.

These wages are some of the most expensive aspects of any school employing other instructors or administrative assistants.

My Pay Structure At Master Booe's Karate Kidz In Knoxville

At Master Booe’s Karate Kids in Knoxville, I am the main and usually the only instructor. I don’t ‘delegate’ something as important as teaching your children to teens or college aged students simply because they are willing to work for low enough wages.

I don’t see children’s classes as a ‘way to pay the bills’ like some other martial arts studios do, as over half to most of their attention is on adults and their programs. The classes I teach to children are the central and only focus. You can rest assured that you will receive the highest quality effort and instruction in the area and at a price that is hard for any others to match.

Though my operating costs are still high, I endeavor to attract more students at more family friendly prices in order to run my school properly both financially and ethically, keeping the needs of students and families in mind.