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I understand a homeschooling family more than most in the Knoxville area.

My wife and I have homeschooled 4 children through adulthood. Three were accepted into their first choice universities; one got a full tuition scholarship; and another received a full ride scholarship.

Homeschool martial arts in Knoxville should be taught by someone who inherently knows the specific needs of your homeschooled children and family. The unique benefits of the martial arts, physical education, and a homeschool friendly environment are something a homeschool father knows.

If you are wanting increased focus and confidence for your children, the unique benefits of a homeschool friendly environment, and a fun physical activity to get them moving and keep them in shape, contact me and we can get your Karate Kidz started with some FREE classes that work for your schedule.

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Will Homeschool Karate Classes Interfere With Family Time?

  • One of the many reasons parents choose homeschooling is the control they can keep over their family schedules. The evening hours are guarded like the prized possessions they are. So is there a way to do martial arts classes during the day?

    Keep Your Evenings Free And Your Family Time Your Own

  • The great thing about homeschool martial arts classes is the ability to take them during the day when traffic is low, the kidz are needing a break from studying, and everyone is in need of an outing. Daytime classes for homeschoolers can free up tons of time for evening family activities.

    I know we loved having command of our own schedule and so did so many of our homeschool families throughout the years. At Master Booe’s Karate Kidz in Knoxville, I will make it my mission to protect a family’s most precious commodity: time.

    Daytime Karate Classes Can Free Up Time For Other Activities

    Whether your kidz are wanting to play other sports, your family wants to enjoy game or movie nights, or you just want to keep evening dinner schedules regular, daytime class schedules could be your solution. There are morning and afternoon times available.

    Because I am so passionate to help homeschool families, I am willing to set up specialized times if your whole family is interested in taking classes together. Just contact me using the form above or giving me a call today.

    Religious Activities Aren’t Hindered By Homeschool Karate Classes

    Youth groups, pot luck dinners, and evening worship services are just some of the things made difficult by only being able to do activities like soccer, dance, or art lessons in the evening. Many families prioritize their faith over other activities.

    Saturday morning martial arts classes, though helpful are not always the best solution. Many times games, recitals, or religious functions happen on Saturdays.

    Weekday, daytime homeschool classes can offer the physical education, recreation, and self defense parents want for their kids at a time that works best for them.


Does Homeschool Karate Help With Confidence And Socialization?

  • We know as homeschool parents that one of the main objections people present us with about our education choices is socialization for our children. Though we know our kids will have plenty of opportunities, it is good to have a dedicated activity for it.

    You would be hard pressed to find a better option for socialization than Karate classes. The environment is safe, well supervised, and age appropriate. As well, the classes at my Knoxville Karate studio are based on virtues and character development.

  • Have Your Karate Kidz Make Friends In A Structured Environment

  • Simply interacting with other children is not always enough. You can be part of a curated community of kidz that have similar interests. Many of my and my children’s closest lifelong friends have come from martial arts training partners.

    Letting our children openly associate with random strangers is not something that homeschool families usually find productive. It is important to vet those we allow access to our kidz.

    Let Me Teach Your Family How To Be Responsibly Assertive

    Not all forms of confidence are the same. Sometimes confidence can be based on selfishness or pride. The martial arts, and specifically my style and class promote virtues and character traits that keep confidence in its proper place as we work to develop it in your kidz.

    One important way martial arts helps children is to give them practice and experience in simply conversing with others in public, both ones helping them and ones in authority over them. This could translate into dealing with people in retail, the government, business, or job interviews.

    We want our children to be able to stand up for themselves as well, defend their points of view, and have the courage to hold their values close. It takes finesse and experience to help children find their balance between assertiveness and empathy.

Can Homeschool Martial Arts Boost College Applications?

Like I mentioned earlier, we have a lot of experience taking our 4 kidz from babies to college graduates with honors. In the beginning the discipline, confidence development, and fitness from Martial Arts were great additions to our homeschooling program.

As time went on though, we realized we could tailor their education to fit their specific motivations and skill sets. This is the same thing I do with the martial arts. I start off with a healthy dose of fun and the basics and then tailor everything to become a tool for students to use as a springboard.

Knoxville Homeschool Karate As Physical Education

The physical benefits of martial arts may or may not be evident to everyone, but most will understand how this kind of activity can help anyone to get into shape. Everything from muscle tone and balance to coordination and cardio health can be dramatically increased with even moderate practice.

This can also serve as homeschool physical education credits. We used it in exactly this way as our children grew. At times they were extremely active in training and other times they did it as a secondary activity. What mattered is that they practiced for many years without burnout.

Karate For Homeschooled Children Helps With College Applications

To get your children accepted to the college you hope for them, it is important to stand out from the crowd. Extra curricular activities play a specific role in this. There is nothing that stands out to an admissions officer like, “Earned 1st Degree Black Belt in BuJuKa Do Karate- March 15, 2029”.

There is something to be said for community service and singing in recitals. But there is something special about learning a skill to a highly effective level. Learning languages and the martial arts have this effect.

Scholarships For Homeschoolers Are Attainable With Long Term Goal Completion

Earning a Black Belt is a definite factor in considerations for scholarships of many kinds. Committees look for extended effort and completion of distant goals as indicators of collegiate success.

Scholarships are given so that success after graduation by those with ample potential will bring notoriety to the school or organization. To be considered, a committee has to believe successful graduation is highly probable. Achieving a black belt that takes more than 4 years to earn shows that is possible.

The Homeschool Martial Arts Wrap Up

I would love to have your family join us in our homeschool classes and experience the success my children and so many other kidz have had through the years. These classes can be a true highpoint in their childhood.

I have a special respect and affinity for homeschool families. Remember, I am an alumni of the homeschooling life.

With daytime options or evenings if that works for you, you can bring them one or two times per week. If your whole family wants to train together I will give you your own class time and we can work within your budget. Just contact me and I will work with you to set and reach your goals.

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