Is Karate Good For Kids?- Knoxville Karate For Kidz

The ancient Japanese word Karate has actually become a word that is synonymous with martial arts in general. When we address how good it is for kids to learn, any answer tends to be qualified with, “Yes, but it kinda depends.” What could it depend on and is it good overall for children?

Karate is excellent for kids to study if a few prerequisites are met.

  • The instructor must have extensive experience in the arts included in the Karate system.
  • The techniques must be age appropriate.
  • The character of the instructor must be sound and imparted to the kids.

How Do You Get Kids Into Martial Arts In Knoxville?

The first step to getting a child into martial arts is to visit a school that has a focus on children’s classes and get a feel for the location, instructor, and culture of the academy. Pay attention not only to who is teaching your child’s class, but to who is teaching the other children as well.

To get kidz into martial arts in Knoxville, look for schools with instructors with many years of experience and have your son or daughter try out a class. Evaluate their pay structure, agreements, price, and the available class schedule.

At Master Booe’s Karate Kidz in Knoxville I teach the classes with 30 years of experience behind me. The techniques are age appropriate and the environment is kid friendly. There are no contracts and the classes can be taken once or twice per week, depending on your goals and schedule.

To try a FREE class and ask any question you need answered about classes at my Knoxville martial arts academy for kidz, contact me today.

These may seem like foregone conclusions, but there are some schools that do actually teach inappropriate techniques to kids, allow teenagers to teach their classes, or have instructors that have little experience with kids and/or the martial arts in general.

With many systems of Karate now blended with several martial art styles and influenced by others, there are many techniques that an instructor should be expertly aquatinted with that children should never be taught.

If an instructor has the right credentials, has the proper character, and the experience behind him teaching children then yes, Karate is an invaluable skill set for kids that can be a defining and positive impact in their lives.

Why Is Karate Good For Kids?

What is it about Karate and the martial arts in general that has so many people agreeing that good character, life skills, and self reliance can be gained from its study? Why is Karate, Taekwondo, Judo, Kali, etc. good for most any kid to learn?

Karate is good for kids because it combines physical goal setting, confidence building, character development, personal responsibility, and practical self defense skills together in fun and healthy social settings. There are ample opportunities for kids to push boundaries and simply learn to be.

There are many good schools mixed in with some that are subpar. It is the responsibility of the parents to decide which they are entering. If they choose correctly, they can be giving an opportunity to their kids that offers them an advantage throughout adulthood.

Karate can help with performance in school, adapting in social situations, becoming a virtue filled person, and even help with scholarship and college applications like it did for my children. I have personal experience with the benefits of Karate through thousands of kids, 4 of whom are my own.


Does Karate Help A Child Focus?

Believe it or not, there have actually been many studies done on the subject of focus through training in Karate. One such study published in the Journal of Theory and Practice in Sport showed a marked increase in education levels and focus in Karate students in comparison to their peers.

Focus is definitely increased in children through Karate. Studies show that it also helps them through adulthood and generally increases the education levels of its students. Setting and reaching goals in Karate develops the same practice in life and school.

Focus is an attribute in a child that affects many aspects of their lives. To help your child in life, offering them increased focus is an invaluable gift. Getting them involved in Karate classes could be the leg up they need to succeed in school, sports, and life.

Is Karate Good For Kids With ADHD?

Of course, if Karate is good for focus one would assume it can also help extreme cases of focus such as kids with ADHD. What about these chronic conditions like ADHD and ADD? Can Karate help a child control their attention by focusing their energies, lengthening their spans, and controlling their impulses?

Studies show that Karate practice definitely improves a child’s attention which directly aids kids with ADHD. Karate is great for kids with ADHD and ADD. The benefits of its study is not only physiological but psychological as well.

In a study done by researchers at University of Palermo, Italy, Karate was found to not only positively affect the physical development of its practitioners, but their mental and emotional capacities as well. This study directly relates to the deficits felt by children suffering with chronic attention disorders.

In other research, Karate and Taekwondo was shown to directly help with ‘inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity’ issues within the group of children studying. Measurements were taken from subjects with ADHD and significant increases were noted.

In my personal experience with my own training, the training of my 4 children, and the literally thousands of children in my classes over the decades, this is definitely the case. Children thrive when challenged appropriately to strive. Among other things, Karate definitely supports inspiring children to reach high.

I have taught many children with ADD, ADHD, and many other sociological and psychological conditions. The benefits of Karate training with these children are apparent and even demonstrative. Not only does Karate help kids in general, but also those starting off life with particular challenges.

Will Karate Help My Child’s Behavior?

If you have a child needing a role model, goals to set and reach, or one with tons of energy to direct, is Karate something that can help? Will Karate only exacerbate the problem and turn excess energy into something destructive?

Karate is amazing for behavior development through character training and focused goal setting. If the right instructor is found, techniques will not be taught to children to use at their own discretion. Every action will be linked to ethical considerations, social responsibility, and ways of being.

Nothing replaces the role of the parent in the behavior of children. Yet, parents can sometimes be faced with kids having oppositional defiant personalities or socially aggressive behavior habits learned from others. Karate gives parents tools to use to curb negative tendencies and promote positive ones.

Karate is not a magic cure for disruptive or ‘bad’ behavior in children. It does however give a good set of tools and the aid of people with experience dealing with unsociable behaviors.

The key to the effectiveness of the intervention of Karate into a child’s life is first and foremost the experience, ability, and personality of the instructor.

If you are struggling with your child’s behavior in the Knoxville area, give me a call and I will meet with you to devise a plan to slowly take back peace in your home.


Does Karate Build Confidence For Kids?

In the same study listed above, confidence in children studying martial arts was measured versus a control group of kids not participating. Did the results show that kids are more confident and self-assured after studying Karate or other martial arts after extended periods of time?

Research definitely shows that Karate builds confidence in kids. Much of its success deals with feelings of empowerment, safety, and the satisfaction of reaching medium to long term goals. Enrolling a child in a Karate or other martial arts classes can positively affect their confidence levels.

I teach children from young ages with this exact thing in mind. The benefits of increased confidence show themselves in all facets of a kid’s life. Through decades of experience I have honed the ability to encourage children to push boundaries, pick themselves up from failures, and reach their goals.

If you would like to try Karate for your little Karate Kidz and you live in the Knoxville area, contact me today and we can together give them an advantage that will last them a lifetime.

Does Karate Help Kids With Anxiety?

Anxiety is normally a chronic emotional response to fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of social situations that seem uncontrollable, or even fear of inability to complete goals or natural competition. This is an issue for children and adults alike.

The confidence Karate brings helps kids greatly with anxiety. Through repeated reaching of short and long term goals, breaking boundaries thought to be impassable, and successful social interactions in competitive and noncompetitive environments, Karate improves a child’s life.

Fear can be a mild annoyance or it can be debilitating. Helping a child overcome fear and anxiety is a gift a parent can give their child that will help them throughout life. Karate can be an amazing tool for this through confidence building, social skills, and overall mental and physical health.

Is Karate Good For Anger?

Anger is a natural emotion, and though it can sometimes take us over or be allowed to become unmanaged, there is a place for righteous indignation or anger. Knowing the difference and using this emotion to better respond to situations should be the goal of any parent for their child.

Karate is very good for anger regulation in children and adults alike. It is especially effective in helping kids get control of their emotions since starting at early ages can develop habit patterns to manage more and more stressful situations as they grow.

As long as anger outburst have not gotten to the point of constant uncontrollability, in which case psychological evaluation is needed by a professional in the field, Karate can help to take back control for the child and parent. It doesn’t happen overnight, but Karate is definitely an effective tool.

The earlier a parent notices the need for anger management in their child the better. Younger children take to the positive effects much easier and the problems usually have not gotten so out of hand that professional, psychological help is necessary.


Why Do Parents Put Their Kids In Karate?

Parents have many reasons for wanting the best for their children. Some are for their safety and some are for advantages in their futures lives. Most choices parents make for their child fall into one of these two categories. Choosing Karate for their child is no different.

Parents choose Karate for their child for…

  • self control
  • increased self esteem
  • self defense
  • social interaction
  • development of respect
  • increased mental and physical performance
  • goal setting
  • overall character development
  • awareness of the self and others

In my experience, as well as the experiences of countless other well trained martial arts instructors, the benefits of Karate are like magnets to parents that want the best for their children. When you love your child, you will want the most advantageous start for them possible.

Karate has been time tested in the realms of self improvement and self defense. Though some styles include more or less practical self defense, most all of them have inherent traits that increase a child’s chances for being more successful in life.

Parents find themselves drawn to that. The job of the parent is mostly not to decide if Karate is right for their child. The studies and track record of the martial arts plainly attest to that. A parent’s job is to choose the right instructor and role model for the job.

Is Karate Good For Toddlers?

If it is true that Karate is a great benefit for children, and it is also true that it is better to start them early to develop these good habits from the beginning, then how young is young? Is Karate a good idea for even toddlers?

Karate is good for toddlers in many ways. It gives them a head start on developing habits of discipline, respect, and reaching long term goals. Kids as young as 2 or 3 years old can benefit physically, socially, and mentally from studying Karate early.

I have taught thousands of toddlers for decades and it has been a great success for them. I have even heard back from some of them now as upper teens and adults and they attest that it helped them tremendously.

If you live in the Knoxville are and would like to try out a FREE class, contact me and we can let you see first hand what my classes can do for your little treasure.

Is Karate Good For A 4 Or 5 Year Old?

If Karate is a great option for toddlers at ages 2 and 3 years old, then it is of course a great idea for older ones right? Not everything has the same benefits for all ages, so it is legitimate to ask these types of questions. But in this case, martial arts in general are wonderful for nearly all ages.

Karate is a great skill set for 4 and 5 year olds to learn. The character benefits, self defense, increased focus, and all of the rest of the aspects Karate affects in a kid’s life are perfect for this age group. It is also early enough to develop good habits that will last a lifetime.

At age 4 and 5 their memory capabilities have improved, their balance and coordination are better, and their attention spans allow them to learn more complicated movements. The benefits are relatively the same for most all ages at my studio. It is only the types of techniques that can change.

How Do You Explain Karate To A Child?

One of my mantras for children of any age is simple.

“Karate is for Karate class.”

With that as the motto the kicking, punching, grappling, and weapons play make a ton more since to little minds. Teachers in school also really appreciate being let in on this motto. I have had many teachers use it in their classes for students that weren’t even a part of my school.

Telling a child that they can never wrestle, pretend to have swords, rough play, etc. is fundamentally a mistake. They will simply let some ninja move slip at the wrong time or place.

Instructing them that there is a time and a place to safely try these things is much more reasonable for their simple thought processes. The simplest way to explain Karate or the martial arts in general to a small child is simply to say, “Karate is for Karate class.”

As they get older you can explain the difference between self defense and fighting. You can extol the merit in taking up for the weak and standing up for yourself. But these types of conversations will be very customized depending on the child.

If you would like help explaining, training, or anything else martial arts related for your little ones, contact me and we can begin with a FREE class on a day and time that is best for you.