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Children's Karate Class - What Do Doctors Say? - Knoxville

There has been much research on the effects of martial arts training on children of all ages. These studies are fairly unanimous on their conclusions of how children fair in Karate classes. So, what do doctors say about a Children's Karate Class?

A Children's Karate class has been shown to have very positive outcomes for children with and without challenges. Doctors and researchers alike have come to a general agreement across the board. Children do better in most cases when training in Karate.

Let's not just look at the 10,000 ft. view, but get into the specific cases where Karate classes help kids in many different situations. Parents need to know about their own kiddo's needs and how they can be met by a well run Children's Karate class.

What Do Doctors And Researchers Say About Children in Karate?

Though team sports of all types can have some similar positive benefits, Karate allows everyone, no matter the physical abilities to find a place in a productive learning environment. Research supports this and most doctors agree.

Doctors and researchers both for the most part agree that a well organized Karate class specifically designed for children has a universally positive effect on the mental, social, and physical development of children in most every age bracket.

This is evidenced by the large number of studies making these very same observations. First let's look at some general studies about the efficacy of martial arts training for kids. Then we will delve into research for a couple of common specific issues.

In my Knoxville Karate Classes For Children, you will see the results of 30 years of martial arts experience coupled with a well researched 'play as learning' model championed by educators around the world. Even Albert Einstein was an advocate of utilizing play to learn.


"Play is the highest form of research." -Albert Einstein.

What Is In The General Research On Children In Karate Classes?

There are many areas that have been looked at extensively when it comes to children participating in Karate, Judo, Kali, Taekwondo, and many other martial arts. To get a general overview of the data let's take a look at a couple studies.

Psychological Observations Of Children's Karate Classes

In the opinion of well respected research and other hospitals, the redirection and self control taught by experienced Karate instructors can have very positive results for most children. This is also applicable across many age ranges.

According to an article published by Dayton Children's Hospital, martial arts training is not only better than some parents may believe, but it outperforms many other sports and activities for the vast majority of children.

The professional staff at the hospital believe that anger issues, aggressiveness, and a host of other behavioral situations can be addressed by a well informed and experienced instructor.

The Physical Developmental Side Of Children In Karate

There is the mental, social, and behavioral side to learning Karate for Kids, but what about the physical? This is one of the more obvious aspects to martial arts study, so how does it fair for children going through many developmental changes?

In a survey study published by the National Library of Medicine, Children in preschool and above participating in Karate show definite and measurably improved physical fitness in the areas of cardiorespiratory, speed, agility, coordination, strength, flexibility, and balance.

These were not the only areas of physical ability that were noticed to have sizable improvements over children that did not participate. In general, using proper technique and instruction, kids improved in most areas of physical fitness rather dramatically.

Following the same patterns in these studies, my Children's Karate classes in Knoxville, TN offer a wealth of guidance, role modeling, and redirection for kids in both physical and mental development. The best way to find out how your little ninjas can learn from this environment is to try a free class.

Can Karate Classes Help Children With ADHD? - Knoxville, TN

Not all martial arts instruction are created equally. That is an unfortunate truth. There are some good Karate, Kali, and Taekwondo schools in the East TN area, but nearly all of them simply augment adult curriculum and classes for youth and children.

In a well run, kids only environment, a Children's Karate class can help kids with ADHD make great strides in self control, self discipline, and developing a learning pattern that works for their specific needs.

Is there research that can back up this claim? The answer is a resounding, YES!

International University Research Into Children's Karate Classes

In a collaborative effort, researchers from universities in the UK, Tunisia, and Italy through their research found that a long term study of Taekwondo and other traditional martial arts like Karate showed a measurable increase in selective attention of children with ADHD.

They even go so far as to state that TKD or Karate participation in the long term could be an "appropriate non-pharmacological therapeutic method" of controlling the struggles faced by children suffering with this condition.

Popular National Newspaper Articles

Though not meant to be a cure, like pharmaceutical options Karate classes have been shown to ease the symptoms of ADHD in children. In an article published in the New York Times, Karate classes help with impulsiveness, concentration, and hyperactivity.

Doctors in the article even go so far as to say that though physical activity in general can greatly enhance the good effects of medication, martial arts has a greater effect than other sports like baseball or soccer. Parents with kids in Karate classes tend to strongly agree.

I have had many great success stories working with parents and their kids struggling with ADHD. For those in the Knoxville area that are not sure if it would be right for their child, a FREE class is one of the best ways to try it and see for yourself.

Anger Solved Knoxville Childrens Karate Class

Do Knoxville Karate Classes Help With Anger In Kids?

With the social climate today, the degrading of the family unit, and the overall loosening of public moral codes, it isn't any wonder that frustration can lead to anger in our youth today? How can Children's Karate help with anger in kids in such an environment?

Karate can help children in many ways where anger build up is involved. It teaches long term goals and the necessity of sacrifice to reach them. It champions self control which includes the emotions. It also places focus on "the other" and not just how we see the world.

In research conducted by faculty at the Bar-Ilan University, Ramat-Gan, Israel, and the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), evidence was found to link the study of Karate and other martial arts and reduced aggression in many age ranges of children.

For kids in most every age bracket, learning Karate, Taekwondo, Judo or a host of other martial arts disciplines can help reduce tendencies toward aggression and could be a good intervention for children at risk of external behavioral outbursts.

In a related avenue of study, bullying was looked at in middle and high school students. This study done by researchers over a 12 week period with over 100 students utilizing Karate based intervention focusing on resilience and self-efficacy found that aggressive tendencies of bullying was abated to a measurable degree.

Not only was the number and frequency of the children participating in bullying decreased, but of the children attending the classes, those that tended to be bullied were less likely to experience the same aggression towards them due to their own reactions and habits.

In my Children's Karate class, you will find not only the self discipline and self control taught to those with aggressive tendencies mentioned in these studies, but also a 'Bully Safe' program that gives targeted children the skills necessary to stop those being aggressive towards them.

Is My Child Too Young To Start Karate Classes in Knoxville?

Is there a positive effect that can be found in starting kids as young as 2 years old in Karate classes? What about stunting their development either physically or mentally by doing these types of activities at such a young age? Let's see what the research says about it.

Karate classes are excellent for preschool ages and above. Children as young as 2 years old can benefit from studying the martial arts in many ways. In these crucial developmental stages of their lives, Karate classes help children reach milestones and surpass goals.

I personally have had great success with preschool ages as young as 2 years old. My Children's Karate classes align specifically with 2 year old milestones set by the CDC for their age group. Not many instructors have the experience to handle this age group, but I definitely do. To read more about toddlers in Karate classes see my article here.

It is one thing to make such a claim, but another to be able to back it up with studies showing these results. Well, I have you covered.

In a study conducted by researchers at the Warsaw Medical University, Poland, Karate instruction for children showed the best results compared to any other physical activity. In a further discovery, parents of girls would be surprised to learn that they showed the most improvement.

It should be noted that most children saw similar advancements in their overall physical fitness and abilities, but as would be expected, the older the child was the more benefits there were to be obtained. It seems the older children could simply do more and thus get more out of the training.

In another study supported by several universities in Turkey, Karate classes for children were found to have caused significant positive effects on their physical fitness test scores. This dramatic advancement of the participants overall health was recorded after only a 10 week Karate course.

The classes were designed with young children as the focus and the groups were all composed of young kids. This is a good indication of the positive outcomes a parent can expect from starting kids in Karate early.

Knoxville has several martial arts studios, with many of them having some sort of children's classes. Yet, there is only one that has a kids only focus. Master Booe's Karate Kidz in Knoxville can help with all ages of children, no matter their fitness or developmental level. Classes start at age 2!

Is My Child Too Old To Start Karate Classes in Knoxville?

The martial arts is for just about everyone at any age. With the right instructor with the right virtue and ethics, toddlers to senior citizens can become active and successful students in a well run Karate dojo. So, can a child be too old to start Karate?

Kids any age from 2 years old and up can learn and thrive in a Karate class. This is only true though if the right instructor is found that has experience teaching the age group in question. From 2 to teens, Karate can benefit nearly all age groups.

To see what over 30 years of martial arts experience can do for your child, no matter the age, sign up for a FREE class today and see for yourself. Master Booe's Karate Kidz in Knoxville has a class that will fit your schedule, budget, and age range of your children.


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