What Can Children's Karate Do For 3 Year Olds? - Knoxville

Can children's Karate classes for 3 year olds in the Knoxville area accomplish what Karate does for other ages and in programs in other major cities? Adult martial artists from Knoxville have been extremely successful around the world. Yet, what can Karate do for young 3 year old children?

Studies show that Karate can help 3 year old children with a myriad of developmental milestones and goals. Karate can also help kids with social and emotional issues as well. For toddlers at 3 years old, Karate is a good intervention and preparatory course.

Knoxville has produced some world champions in many styles of martial arts. Myself and other school owners have won national and international titles. But for the parents of toddlers that is not top on their list. It is more important to find out what is available for their young children.

I own and operate the only child focused martial arts school in East Tennessee. Using my over 30 years of experience in the martial arts, I will present a case here using university level studies for why most parents should enroll their 3 year old children in Karate classes.

Should I Put My 3 Year Old In Karate In Knoxville?

There are so many milestones that 3 year olds should be reaching at some point within the year. It would make sense to put a toddler in a child focused Karate class if many of them were expedited by training. So, should parents put 3 year olds in Karate?

3 year olds should take Karate classes if parents want help for their child reaching milestones as aligned by the CDC. Karate helps development physically, mentally, and socially with everything from movement and balance to speech and confidence with peers.

Let's look at what the CDC states that 3 year olds should be able to do and how Karate can help them reach and surpass these goals.

  • They can identify children compatible to play with and join in on activities.

-A children's Karate class for 3 year olds is a perfect way to allow toddlers to join a directed and supervised class specifically designed for them to thrive socially while learning a life long set of skills and virtues.

  • Talks to other children and adults in complete sentences while following directions.

- Karate instruction is a great way for young kids to explore appropriate questioning, conversation, and how to focus on the tasks at hand.

  • Learns to avoid dangerous situations like touching hot items, petting strange animals.

- Learning to identify dangerous behavior, animals, situations, and people is essential to the curriculum of a well run children's Karate class.

  • Puts on clothes by themselves, like loose pants or a jacket.

- For 3 year olds, putting on their own Karate suit is something that is integral to participating in a class setting. Parents are encouraged to only slightly aid them as they attempt it on their own.

These are only a few of the many tasks that Karate can help toddlers with as they grow and learn. A good Karate instructor will help these young students reach goals far past these and in many more areas of their development.

Is There A Best Age To Learn Karate?

Many parents, especially of young children, ask what is the best age to learn Karate? For some it is in hopes that 3 years old is a good age, and for others they simply don't know enough about it. So, what is the best age for children to start a Karate class?

The best age to learn Karate is at ages 2, 3, or 4 years old as a beginning. With that being the starting point, there really is no age that is too old to start martial arts classes as long as health or injuries are not an issue.

Children of this age group have the time to excel in the martial arts and develop it as a part of their lives. The problem for most toddlers and preschoolers is the lack of opportunity to participate in activities like Karate. There just isn't as much for their age group.

I always suggest Karate for 3 year olds since practically all of them can do it. The problem is the lack of schools or classes that accept 3 year olds. Most start at 4 or 5 years old. At my Karate Kidz dojo in Knoxville, I start kidz as young as 2 years old.

Karate and even other martial arts are so helpful at this age that studies show it time and again.

In research presented at the 16th International Technology, Education and Development Conference, martial arts was shown to be highly effective in engaging the interests of the vast majority of preschool aged children. Karate classes were seen as an overall positive influence even within their daily school curriculum.

Giving your kids the opportunity to experience a well run children's Karate class in Knoxville like mine at Master Booe's Karate Kidz can help them not only now, but by aiding their development for the rest of their lives.


Is Karate Good For A 3 Year Old Boy?

Boys and girls are different on the average. Some girls have interests and abilities that are more like the traditional boyhood ranges, but for the most part they differ on a noticeable level. The same is true for boys. With how a 3 year old boy is, will Karate be a good fit?

Karate is a great regulatory and intervention style activity for boys that are 3 years old. Boys usually need to learn self control, discipline, and a host of other skills to temper their active natures. Karate offers a structured environment that allows them to explore their boundaries.

This is not to say that girls won't have some similar parts to their nature, but it will be less likely and on an individual scale. Boys either have this rambunctious nature or wish they had it to participate with others.

Karate helps to nurture their interests while curbing aggressive outbursts. There is no other activity like it. A well run Karate class can help turn a toddler's year around within a matter of months.

In an article published by Polish researchers, boys were recorded as engaging with sports in general and martial arts specifically much more directly than girls at preschool ages. Engagement is one of the biggest factors in the effectiveness of Karate as an intervention tool.

Is Karate Good For A 3 Year Old Girl In Knoxville?

Now that we have looked at boys at age 3 in a Karate program, what about girls? Girls have different interests, development levels, and needs. So, is Karate good for a 3 year old girl?

Karate is amazing for 3 year old girls. At this age they are having to contend with boys for space, privacy, and respect in classroom and other group settings. The physical development of boys catch a girls early growth later on and the problem only gets bigger.

To help girls with physicality, confidence, and proper assertiveness, Karate is the perfect tool. Some girls will already excel in some of these areas, but as their boy classmates and teammates mature, there will be gaps formed that they physically can't overcome.

To give them a sense of control over their own environment, Karate is a great way to instill confidence, self defense, and goal setting for girls.

Where Should I Enroll My 3 Year Old For Karate?

Of course, you know I am going to tell you that you should enroll your child with me in my family owned and operated Karate school here in Knoxville. But, why should you do it? What makes Master Booe's Karate Kidz the best choice for your 3 year old little ninja?

I have over 30 years of experience in the martial arts and I taught kids around the world every year of that time. My wife has multiple graduate degrees in education and has helped me align my teaching methods and curriculum with how kidz learn.

Your 3 year old will also be in the only martial arts school in East Tennessee that is solely for children. There is no split focus between kids, teens, and adults. Your child will be the focus.

I also have no contracts, don't require multiple days per week attendance, or have hidden gear costs. The prices I give are the best in the area by far. My goal is to run many classes with many children for family friendly prices instead of exclusive schedules and higher fees and tuitions.


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