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A lack of discipline and self control in children and even adults has been given excuses today in many ways. This is such a disservice to our kids. For 7 year olds, how can we combat this disturbing trend? Is the structure and self perfecting nature of Karate the answer for this societal issue?

Though not a panacea, children's Karate classes help 7 year olds with self control, confidence, self discipline, and a sense of responsibility for others and society as a whole. This is the type of Karate class for children that 7 year olds and other ages for that matter need.

Newer styles of martial arts like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Mixed Martial Arts, and Kickboxing have great utility for adults and even upper teenagers, yet for younger children the character development, ethical foundation, and the setting of perfection of the self as the ultimate goal found in Karate, Judo, and Taekwondo is essential.

What Is The Best Martial Art For 7 Year Olds?

For 7 year olds in martial arts, getting them to engage is the primary goal. When a child engages with any material, their understanding and retention goes through the roof. So, what martial art and teaching style is best for 7 year olds?

In general, traditional martial arts and expressly the perfection seeking and widely varied Karate style is the best for 7 year olds. Studies corroborate this because of the multiple of teaching styles that Karate instructors employ versus other systems.

Let's look at an example of the research done on the effects of Karate instruction and its outcomes when it comes to smaller children. Parents will want to know before choosing what is best for their kids.

In research conducted by faculty at the University of Brussels, Belgium and others, teaching approaches were identified in many different styles of martial arts with the aims and goals associated. There were traditional only, sport oriented, and efficiency approaches used with every style but each utilizing primarily one option.

Efficiency approaches were seen as one of the best when martial arts based outcomes were analyzed, yet these used in isolation lend themselves to the highest dropout rate. In actuality, a teaching style only focused on one area will have a few advantages, but suffer from insurmountable difficulties in the long run.

In the study, Karate instructors were found to be the most adept at employing all three forms of teaching to create the best long term success in their students throughout their lives. The traditional side focuses on self improvement, the sport side on limited but useful application in the adrenal state, and the efficiency focus pointed to the practical.

So, if Karate instructors were found to be the most well rounded in their approaches, what is the best martial art style for 7 year olds? Karate with its varied teaching styles and its ancient Samurai focus on all three main categories of martial arts (striking, grappling, and weapons training) wins fairly handily.

How Can Karate Help 7 Year Olds in Knoxville?

It is one thing to talk about the instruction and the things that kids can get from a martial arts style in terms of internal goals of the art itself. But what about benefits to a child as a whole? What does Karate have to offer 7 years olds overall?

Through a series of self improvement goals Karate classes for 7 year olds first turns the focus from others to a focus on the mental, social, emotional, and physical health of the students themselves. Once these are raised to a high level, controlling situations and reacting to the actions of others is mastered.

One objective way to look at how Karate can help the development and growth of 7 year olds is to see how it can aid children with reaching milestones as outlined by trusted medical sources.

Kaiser Permanente is one such leader in the field of medicine. On their website, they list several crucial goals that all 7 year olds should be experiencing in this formative year. Let's look at some of the major ones and how Karate classes for children can help.

  • Have a good and concrete understanding of time.

- This is something that the combination of class attendance, home training, as well as short and long term goals helps 7 year old children with directly. Time in training, being on time, and amounts of time until goals are met are essential in Karate.

  • Start to understand and prefer certain learning styles.

- Experienced and accomplished Karate instructors will be able to assess each student and their learning styles and preferences. These are regularly adapted and applied on a class by class and student by student basis. It takes time, but Karate becomes very individual for each child in the long term.

  • Can begin to solve social and emotional issues using basic facts and logic.

- Many of the self defense, interpersonal, and social issues addressed in Karate can begin to be understood by 7 year olds. Younger students are more deliberately taught these concepts, but a 7 year old begins to work them out for him/herself with guidance from instruction.

  • Empathy becomes fully understandable and usable at this stage.

- An integral part of Karate is dealing with social situations. Empathy is at the core of most any social interaction. To truly engage with another person, a child must learn to see from their perspective and have been taught to let that viewpoint play a major part in decisions and actions. A good Karate program teaches Kindness, compassion, and self control, major components in empathy.

  • Fear of the unknown is still a major concern which could be opinions of others, school attendance, or trying new experiences.

- Karate aids children at this age push their boundaries in a controlled setting with proper supervision. The confidence gained from this and a knowledge that they can defend themselves from aggression is only one way this ancient martial art can help. There are tournaments, testing, and demonstrations that push them to strive and conquer fear.

  • They form friends frequently with other children.

- This social interaction plays a huge part in a Karate school culture. Some of my closest lifelong friends have come from training partners, competition team members, and classmates in the martial arts. This started for me as a child and lasted throughout my life.

  • 7 year olds need both structured time in groups and individual time to go solo.

- Karate with its multifaceted approach to teaching the martial arts gives students the 'team' experience with others they train with, but also the individual goals that only they can accomplish alone.

  • Can communicate well in comfortable situations.

- Not only is there ample time for children to express themselves in the comfortable training halls and dojos that offer boundaries everyone is expected to follow, they are also taught to be able to verbalize in stressful situations where speaking up for themselves could be vital for the safety of themselves and others.

  • At this age coordination is beginning to develop rapidly. Complex actions can be possible.

- Karate is world renowned through both anecdotal evidence and university level research to have dramatic impacts on the coordination and physical health of children. I have several articles on this website that cite many studies speaking to this well founded medical and academic opinion.

As you can see from these medically established milestones for the average 7 year old, Karate is an excellent tool in helping a child grow and learn. Its popularity only grows daily even with the rise of practical only based martial arts devoid of many of the ethical safeguards we all know should be there for kids.


How Do I Get My 7 Year Old Interested in Karate?

Now that the benefits of Karate for this age group has been well established, how can I get my child to not only want to train, but to fully engage with the martial arts? That is a question I have heard on many occasions. How do parents instill a love for the martial arts in their child?

Getting 7 year old children interested in Karate is as simple as finding the right instructor. This means someone that understands how to get kids to fully engage through humor, discipline, fun, and interesting activities.

In an effort to study the effects of the martial arts on attention, focus, and engagement abilities of children of younger ages, much money and time was spent exploring the subject.

This research done by Chinese faculty at universities in Zhejiang and Shandong found significant interest and engagement through varied martial arts study over other activities.

This engagement, because of perceived fun and excitement for the material leads to greater benefit acquisition. Simply put, children gain far more from subjects presented in a way that they enjoy and on their emotional and developmental level.

The other ingredient in this equation is Karate itself.

We have already seen that Karate, with its varied technique and application base coupled with the diversified instruction techniques offers students a wide variety of material to peak interests. We now see that this not only gets them to engage faster and more deeply, but this in turn allows them to reap greater benefits.

What Is A Good Karate School For 7 Year Olds?

With all of this data, research, and the track records of kids in Karate in mind, how is a parent to choose the 'right' Karate studio for their little ninjas? What is the main criteria a parent should be looking for in a children's Karate class?

The main ingredients in finding a good Karate school for your 7 year old are:

  • Experienced Instructors teaching children that know how to align curriculum to milestones with Fun, Fit, and Functional elements in every class.
  • Styles covering striking, grappling, and weapons for the varied material, better practicality, and to peak continued interest.
  • Character and a moral compass taught to students as a foundation and not an addon.
  • Facilities that are designed for children and their needs, not simply an adult oriented school with kids classes to "pay the bills."
  • Prices that are family friendly that allow parents to choose how often they come and a price structure that fits their budget.

In a study done by researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, these factors played a major part in Karate outpacing many other activities children were involved in.

Karate students over only a 3 month period were shown to have greater improvements than other sports in "areas of cognitive self-regulation, affective self-regulation, prosocial behavior, classroom conduct, and (even) performance on a mental math test."

At my kids only Karate school in Knoxville TN, it is a family business for us. We are not a corporate franchise or one of a chain of many with the hopes of being everywhere in a mediocre format for everyone.

Master Booe's Karate Kidz specializes in the children in the Knoxville and surrounding areas and their wellbeing. My passion is to teach children and better their lives for good.

To see the difference that 30 years of experience teaching children can make, come by and have your Karate Kid try out a free class. There are never any contracts or high pressure sales tactics. I will help you find a price and schedule that suits your kids and family specifically.

I hope to see your little ones on the mat soon!


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