Can Karate For 6 Year Olds Help Grades? - Knoxville TN

In my experience over the three decades of teaching children of all ages, I have seen many benefits. One of the top questions parents have is about grades in school. Some want to know if Karate training will help kids focus in the classroom and help improve grades.

Children's Karate classes can definitely help grades when used by parents as one solution in an overall plan. Focus, fortitude, and self discipline are only a few of the areas that martial arts helps kids to improve. Its unique physical activity also improves cognitive function according to studies.

Let's look at some of the research that supports these claims and how Karate classes for all ages of kids can help development. With so many activities opening up for 6 year olds as compared to younger children, parents will want to choose the one with the most beneficial use of their most precious commodity... time.

Does Karate Help 6 Year Olds In Knoxville With Milestones?

Some of the foundational ways we can help our children learn throughout their education is to help them eat healthy and aid their natural development. Can children's Karate training increase a 6 year old's health and brain function or is this too far reaching for such an activity?

Karate training does increase overall health and brain function according to governmental agencies and leading healthcare institutions. More so than other sports, Karate classes for kids helps 6 year olds reach milestones, improve mental health, and increase cognition.

Since these claims could be seen by some as a bit extreme, I will spend some time here showing evidence from government, university, and healthcare agencies. First we will look at the developmental improvements Karate can play a crucial part in, and in the next section I will address specific mental and cognitive advantages.

For 6 year old children, there are fairly agreed upon milestones for growth and development. Kaiser Permanente is a leader in the healthcare field. On their website they have listed some of the major benchmarks that parents, coaches, and educators should keep in mind when evaluating these growing kids.

  • Can count to and understand the concept of 10.

- In my Karate Kidz classes in Knoxville, I not only help them count on many occasions each week, but I teach them to do it in many languages. The grouping of kids, objects etc. are also a part of many classes.

  • Begin to understand the concept of 'cause and effect'.

- This is essential to Karate training that includes Judo and Kali. Force multiplication, simple physics, and manipulation of weight directly addresses 'cause and effect'.

  • Begins to grasp the concept of time.

- Training in and out of the dojo is normally governed by specific amounts of time. Karate classes for children are usually centered around 5 minute segments for technique and drills. At home practice is usually governed by set amounts of time as well.

  • 6 year olds start looking to other children and teachers for entertainment rather than only parents.

- Though 'Karate friends' are a major part of training and instructors can become mentors, I always point them back to parents and ensure the family unit is still primary. Helping kids explore other relationships is important, but keeping them grounded with strong family ties is essential.

  • Enjoys being the 'big kid' helper and learns important character lessons from aiding others.

- In a children's Karate class setting, higher belts helping lower belts and 'big kids' helping younger ones is an essential part of learning. Extreme age differences in most class times is discouraged, but many ages are grouped together for this very reason. Teaching and helping is many times the best way to learn.

  • Empathy is at its beginning stage with 6 year olds and should be encouraged.

- At my Karate dojo in Knoxville, I continually model and teach caring for others on and off the mats. Children are encouraged to take care of the training partners, friends at school, and parents at home. Thinking of how others feel about actions they take is at the center of ethical Karate instruction.

  • Can run, jump, skip, and is developing fairly good balance.

- All of these are extensively trained along with many other skills and abilities in a well run martial arts studio focused on children.

  • Can dress themselves.

- Most of my students put on their own uniforms (Karate/Judo gi). Yet at age 6, I will normally help them with tying their belts.

As you can see, 6 year old milestones are something that a good children's Karate program will not only be able to help with, but can aid children in surpassing with ease.


Do Children’s Karate Classes Help With Academics In School?

This question has been around since the 1980's. Parents want to know specifically if Karate can help with not only mental and brain health, but actually produce results that can be quantitative and visible. So, can children's Karate classes in Knoxville help with grades?

Karate classes help kids as young as 6 with grades in school when used as a tool alongside good parenting, proper socialization, and adequate role models. Martial arts stresses self-discipline which helps with studies. A good Karate instructor will help parents keep track of academic progress.

There is research and many studies to prove the relationship between the physical fitness, confidence, and self-discipline taught in the martial arts and educational success. Let's look at some of the findings and see just how much stock parents should put into Karate training as a tool.

There has been evidence found that links aerobic cardio fitness and other strenuous physical activity with brain health, age appropriate cognition, and executive function in developing children.

In a study published in the journal Pediatric Exercise Science, researchers found that the aerobic and physical exercise similar to that found in Karate practice is critical to the developing child to promote physical and cognitive brain health. Decision making and executive control function are also greatly impacted.

With the proper child focused program aerobic and physical activity of many kinds will be a weekly and even daily program. These sessions will be conducted in and out of Karate class.

In another study that used Karate training specifically to counter the isolation of the Covid 19 lockdowns and their detrimental effects on children, it was found that Karate classes had a significant impact on student performance and academic achievement.

Not only did it help overcome the effects of forced quarantine, it overcame other barriers to student progression toward learning goals. Behavior was improved in many students and stress was alleviated for as many more.

All of these findings show that a good children's Karate class can help 6 year olds excel in school and achieve academic success better than most other tools. With a combination of mentoring and physical activity, students can break through old barriers and reach new heights.

Does Karate Help A 6 Year Old Child Focus?

One of the major issues that children need help with when they first come to a martial arts studio or Karate dojo is focus. Can Karate classes for children help with focus in 6 year olds, and can this lead to better grades in school?

Karate classes for 6 year olds help kids with focus, attention spans, and controlling impulses. This in turn helps them in academic classrooms to engage better and in study sessions with homework to set good habits for long term learning.

Focus is one of the major benefits of learning Karate. The Japanese concept of 'no mind' helps any practitioner to resist the temptations of distractions. Karate teaches the importance of focus and give children the tools to develop it for themselves.

In an article published in the peer reviewed International Journal of Research and Analytical Reviews, the authors found that focus not only helped with cognition, but with overall mental, emotional, and physical health. They go further in stating its 'healing' effect on those having trouble in many areas.

So, Do Children's Karate Classes Help 6 Year Olds With Grades?

The answer seems abundantly clear. Karate has an overt and substantial effect on focus, attention spans, physicality, brain health, and a host of other factors in 6 year olds. This translates into better grades, improved behavior, and overall increased general health.

The issue becomes then, what Karate class to put your child into. At my Karate dojo in Knoxville TN, I specialize in children, their milestones, bully safe programs, stranger awareness, and being better people that consider 'the other'.

Master Booe's Karate Kidz is a place where children thrive not only on the mats, but in the academic classroom as well. Whether you are a homeschool family, have your kids attend private schools, or have enrolled your children in public schools, I can help them achieve more and be better people.

These are things that can literally change their lives.


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